Åbo Akademi has joined Finland University. Other members of Finland University are the universities of Eastern Finland, Tampere and Turku.

Mikko Hupa, the Rector of Åbo Akademi, is very pleased to join Finland University.

“Finland University’s expertise makes us stronger in the global markets, especially in marketing our programmes to international students, particularly outside European Union/European Economic Area. We are very excited to join Finland University and the new growth opportunities it offers us”, says Hupa.

“With Åbo Akademi on board our competitiveness in the global education market is boosted. Finland University can offer more degree programmes and professional development courses. Today Finland University is the largest “virtual university” in the Nordics -  combined the member universities have over 78 000 students”, says Pekka T. Saavalainen, CEO of Finland University.

“Strong growth of Finland University will continue, and we will attract significant numbers of international students to study in the 65+ international Master’s degree programmes of our member universities”, says Saavalainen.

Mikko Hupa notes that Finland University has grown into a significant centre of excellence in marketing international education programmes.

“I am convinced that Finland University’s expertise in marketing Master's degree programmes globally will benefit us substantially”, says Hupa.

With Åbo Akademi on board Finland University represents about 40 percent of the research university capacity in Finland. Bigger size makes Finland University stronger in global education market.

“Finnish education has excellent reputation worldwide. However, for decades big countries have overshadowed Finland in the global education market. I hope that also the other Finnish multidisciplinary universities would join Finland University so that we can together capture a bigger share of the international education market”, says Hupa.

Member universities of Finland University coordinate their programmes and marketing strategies.

“This makes us competitive in the international education market and we can deliver on the promise of making education the next significant Finnish export sector”, concludes Saavalainen.


Additional information:

Mikko Hupa, Rector of Åbo Akademi University

mikko.hupa@abo.fi, tel +358 400 630 801

Pekka T. Saavalainen, CEO Finland University  

pekka.saavalainen@finuni.fi, tel +358 40 6850717

Finland University is the international education brand, and marketing and sales company of four leading Finnish research universities: University of Eastern Finland, University of Tampere, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. All universities are in the top 2% of global university rankings.

Finland University provides worldwide the degree programmes and professional development courses of its member universities to individuals and institutions (universities, government ministries and agencies, foundations, companies). Currently Finland University is delivering programmes in South East Asia, China, Latin America and the Middle East.


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