I am Aayush Jaiswal and I am a Master’s Degree student enrolled in the International Program in Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi University.

I came from the northern part of India (yes, where the high mountains are), and besides being a student I am working as a researcher on personalized drug-delivery systems. I am an ardent football fan, a book freak, and I love the fields of science and technology.

In this blog, I have summarized my experience and provided a sneak peek on the techniques that I used to find a job during January-March 2018. In case you are wondering, I got my dream position at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Hope this blog will be useful for you!

Here are my 10 personal hacks: 

  1. Make up your mind. Identify your core skills. Introspect and find answers to questions like: What do I like to work with? In which sector does my dream job lie? What is the long-term plan for my career?Once you have answers for such questions from within yourself, you can start looking for a job. Remember, first, you need to set a goal and only then you can work towards achieving it.
  2. Search for companies in your desired field. I suggest making an Excel database. Collect companies’ contact information, job locations, the LinkedIn profiles of relevant employees etc. Pro tip: Tailor your CV and cover letter for every position you apply to. A ‘general application’ is a myth. Research well about the organization and the role. Your efforts reflect in your application and project a positive image!
  3. Keep an interview preparation journal. This journal is like your personal diary, where you can jot down self-realizations or thoughts. Analysis of such thoughts helps you figure out answers to common questions like “Tell us about yourself”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “What do you wish to achieve in life?” etc.
  4. Learn the Finnish language. You don’t need to develop a full working proficiency to bag a job, but you still need to demonstrate that you are in the learning process. This shows the employer your willingness to integrate with Finnish society and your plans to stay with the organization for a longer time.
  5. Attend job fairs. It might sound trivial, but job fairs are the real deal. An on-the-spot interview might get you an offer in your pocket right away! Remember to carry hardcopies of your CV with you and try to make smart conversations, with representatives from your target companies. They are present in the fair to look for the right candidate and your ‘elevator pitch’ for yourself might impress them. Pro tip: Ask company representatives whom you have good conversations with for their business cards, and follow-up on by phone or email with them later.
  6. If you feel like you are lacking confidence and are intimidated about talking to company representatives, try pitching workshops, entrepreneur summits etc. to observe the way people pitch for their products on stage. During job seeking, the product that you are marketing is YOU. Taking self-confidence lessons from entrepreneurs helped me a lot!
  7. Attend talks, guest lectures, workshops, public defenses etc. to get a chance to broaden your knowledge on the topics you are interested in. This is also a good opportunity to meet some experienced people from academia and industry. Go forth and shake hands!
  8. Don’t waste time! The job hunting season runs year around, but for summer jobs the application period is typically between January and March every year. Be prepared before the application period starts and apply as early as possible. Early applications have a better chance of getting screened to further rounds of the selection process, as it demonstrates your preparedness and awareness about the job. So, sharpen your blade before you strike!
  9. Use the power of the cloud! Always keep a quickly editable copy of your CV, a general cover letter describing your best qualities and competencies, a formal photo, scanned copies of your degrees, certificates of achievements, and your transcripts on a cloud platform. There are multiple free cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive available for phone and PC. Get one now!
  10. Believe in yourself. Finding a job is always a tiresome journey, full of uncertainties. Even if you fail at your first few attempts, keep learning from those experiences. Identify where you made a mistake and avoid it the next time. If you work with dedication, sooner or later you will find the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Your dream job in Finland awaits you. Good luck!


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