Introduction to Elli

As you might know from the Practical Guide email sent from your institution, Joensuun Elli is the primary housing agency for students in Joensuu, Finland.

There are two main types of flats that are common for students here: shared flats (with 2-4 other tenants) and single flats. However, due to the great demand, single flats are usually unavailable for new students since it takes around a year from the day of application till they can provide you one.

Regarding shared flats, there are unfurnished flats and furnished flats (a bed with mattress, desk, chair and a clothes closet) which cost an extra fee of 17 euros per month. However, it is really easy to buy furniture in Joensuu, and the cheapest way is to buy second-hand items from other students that are leaving.

You can try contacting sellers beforehand in this Facebook group so that you can have the furniture ready when you are in Joensuu. One important note is that you have to be careful when buying a second-hand bed and mattress since bed bugs can be a big problem during winter times.

student housing in Joensuustudent bathroom in Joensuu


How to apply

When you apply for an apartment on Elli’s website, it is very important to carefully choose the criteria you want your flat to have since you will be staying in that flat up to 2 years.

First up, location is probably the most important factor that you should consider. Make sure you check all the locations that suit you, for example, if you are a city person, having an apartment near the forest and located 10 kilometres away from the city center might cause a big problem.

On the other hand, if you prefer tranquility, it is not ideal to have your flat right in the city center since there will be a lot of noises throughout the day.

Prices of the flats in the city center are usually higher than those far away but it is convenient that everything you need and the university are in a walking distance. If you choose to have an apartment that is further away from the center, it is likely that you have to pay 50 euros for the monthly bus tickets to get around since biking in the winter can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure you only tick the flats with the locations that suit you best instead of going for all the flats.

Regarding the key, since you might arrive at a time when Elli office is closed, it is better to ask your tutor to pick up the key in advance. You can simply write an email to Elli beforehand saying that someone will help to pick up your key (remember to provide your tutor’s name and email) so that you do not have to run to the Elli office right after arriving in Joensuu to get the key with all the heavy luggage with you.


Example of an apartment

That is all for now, good luck in finding a great flat. You can find more examples of flats belonging to our ambassadors here. - even my own.

Though it is not as spacious as others that are located far away from the center, it is extremely cosy and convenient. It only takes me 7 minutes to walk to UEF and 2 minutes to the three biggest malls in the city center.

Pretty nice, isn’t it?

student kitchen in Joensuu


Learn more about studying in Finland

Finland University serves as a gateway to one of the finest Finnish multidisciplinary Universities on offer. If you are interested in studying in Finland and would like to find out more, there's good news: the downloadable Finland University guide provides a quick starting package of how to apply for international master’s degree programmes and scholarships in the member universities of Finland University.

Interested? Download the guide and learn more!

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