Thank you to everyone who sent in an application to study at one of our member universities. The application period for 2020 is now closed and all applicants will receive a decision on their admission in the end of March - beginning of April.

If your application was not successful this time around, we encourage you to try again next year! Towards the end of 2020 our universities will begin taking in applications for programmes that start in 2021. Keep an eye on your mailbox for more information.

Study in Finland

In the meantime, here are some useful links, articles and facts to keep you thinking about studying a Master's degree in Finland at one of our member universities.


1. There is something for everyone

Whether your interest is humanities, art, computer science, teaching, law or more – we're confident you'll find a programme at one of our member universities that works for you.

Read more about Master's degree programmes at:
- The University of Turku
- Åbo Akademi University
- The University of Eastern Finland
- Tampere University


2. It's possible to get a scholarship in Finland, and plenty of ways to save and earn money

As an international student with good grades, getting a scholarship in Finland may be easier than you think. And once you're here, you can save money with student discounts on travel, entertainment and more, plus you can even get a job.

Read more here.



3. Many international students love studying in Finland

From the quality of our academic programmes to breathing the cleanest air on the planet, students from around the world have chosen Finland for a top-class education in a safe environment.

Read some of their stories here.

Learn more about studying in Finland 

Finland University serves as a gateway to one of the finest Finnish multidisciplinary Universities on offer. If you are interested in studying in Finland and would like to find out more, the downloadable Finland University guide provides a quick starting package about how to apply for International Master’s Degree Programmes and Scholarships at the member universities of Finland University.

Interested? Download our guide and learn more!

Download your Finland University guide

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