All 13 of the teachers and principals work in schools in the city of Curitiba – Brazil's education superstar. Curitiba invests heavily in the education of its 1.9 million citizens, making it the city with the highest literacy rate of all Brazil's state capitals. Ongoing teacher training is key to this success.

UEF Professor of Education, Ritva Kantelinen, created the programme for the visiting group.

"We aimed to give the visitors a glimpse into all the different levels of education in Finland – from early childhood to secondary school. They even had an opportunity to meet with university students," says Kantelinen. "The programme was a varied mix of lectures, discussions with teacher-education experts, and school visits."

Brazilian educators on mission in Finland


Focus on early-childhood education

As the group was particularly interested in early-childhood education, a visit to the Linnunlahti public kindergarten was organised on day two of the programme.

"During the visit to the kindergarten, there were a lot questions about how we work with special-needs children here in Finland," says Kantelinen.

Linnunlahti public kindergarten

The group also visited the state-of-the-art Rantakylä Teacher Training School in the city of Joensuu. Opened less than a year ago, this primary- and lower-secondary school for some 410 students is also the University of Eastern Finland's main training facility. Approximately 350 trainee teachers pass through Rantakylä each year, learning and practising some of the world's most modern teaching methods.


Ongoing interest from Brazil

The visit is part of Finland University's ongoing collaboration with education providers in Brazil. In 2017, a partnership was established with Anima Educação – a private higher-education group with operations in several Brazilian states. Since then, many Brazilian teachers have been trained by Finnish education experts, including a group of 40 who studied with the University of Tampere.

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Additional information on the programme:
Riikka Kuusisto-Kajander, Key Account Manager, Finland University, riikka.kuusisto-kajander@uef.fi


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