Bullying at schools is a global issue and main worry for parents. The Finnish KiVa antibullying program tackles bullying as a group phenomenon.

Bullying contributes significantly to marginalization and can lead to significant social problems which can be very costly for a Nation. Bullying is no longer only a matter of interest to a small group of research experts, or tabloid papers when dramatic single incidents take place. One of the world's most respected Newspapers The Economist wrote on its October 4 2018 issue on how “around the world, schools and governments are converging on ways of tacking it”.

We share their concern and have found ways to solve the issue. Finnish KiVa program, innovative school-based antibullying program which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms, works because it tackles bullying as a group phenomenon; as a behaviour that bullies use to gain, maintain, and demonstrate power among their peers.

Most Finnish schools follow KiVa program. By consistently applying the program, schools have been able to reduce bullying in all its forms and create a better learning environment for every student. The effectiveness of KiVa has been evaluated in numerous studies and evaluations in other countries show that it is effective outside of Finland as well. KiVa is spreading to new regions fast and is now used in 19 countries. Program is meant to be a permanent part of school’s antibullying work to reduce both self- and peer-reported bullying and victimization.

KiVa program won the European Crime Award in 2009, Social Policy Award for Best Article in 2012 and four National Awards in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Licensed partners distribute KiVa around the world to local schools. Does your school have a problem with bullying? Read more about KiVa and contact us to hear how your school can benefit from KiVa too.


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