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Long story short: Finland University organized a Sqore competition for our potential students with a main prize of an unforgettable fully-funded tour to our campuses. Now, we are very glad to finally introduce the winner: meet Williane, a talented student from the sunny Brazil, whose specialization is Medical Physics at the University of Eastern Finland. She had already been to Finland before this tour by participating in an exchange programme to University of Jyväskylä in 2014. Williane was touched by the welcoming Finnish environment, which left an incredible feeling of being at home even though there are thousands of miles between Brazil and Finland. As a result, she went back to her country to graduate from a Bachelor Degree Programme, and with the goal of completing her Masters here, in Finland.

Our campus tour started in Kuopio at the campus of University of Eastern Finland, then we continued to Åbo Akademi and University of Turku with our final destination being University of Tampere. Williane told us she had a really lovely time getting to know the campuses, so let us highlight some crucial parts of this campus tour!

The tour leg in Kuopio started in the Canthia building: we were surprised how silent the campus was at that moment, because the majority of students already have their well-deserved summer break. We were impressed by the campus' convenience and can admit that the university supports the needs of every student: cozy libraries, silent rooms where you can concentrate on your studies, internal yards to have rest between classes, canteens with student prices, and many other benefits.


Space for students in Snellmania-1200
The next stop was KYS, Kuopio University Hospital, definitely the greatest place for medical students to have their internship. We were so lucky to be there, because some of the wings were built just recently. Head Physicist of the Radiation Therapy Department, Jan Seppälä, along with his colleagues, organized us a tour to show all innovative technologies that can be used for patients’ diagnostics and future treatment. For instance, the CyberKnife, a frameless robotic radiosurgery device used for treating benign tumors, malignant tumors and other medical conditions, is the only one in the Nordic countries and presented in KYS!

CyberKnife in KYSLaboratory in KYS

Student lunch in Finland

Smoothly our discussion brought us to the student cafeteria, since it was lunch time. By the way, some Finns start their day very early, waking up around 5 or 6 am, so you can have lunch as early as 10:30. 

Canteens in Finnish universities always have a variety of lunch options: it does not matter what diet you follow, there will always be something to satisfy your needs. It is worth to mention that students always pay less than others (even less than lecturers), when they show a valid student card with the valid semester sticker. Prices depend on catering providers in campuses, e. g. this lunch in University of Eastern Finland campus costs only EUR 1,88 , including a warm meal, salad, fresh bread and beverage. We believe it is a very moderate price to make a hungry student productive again.

The final destination that day was the department of Applied Physics in Snellmania building, where we met so many talented and inspiring minds. Researchers study very relevant and current topics, for example, how to ease the chemotherapy process for patients with cancer, treating only the affected area and avoiding side effects on the whole body. There is no doubt that Finland is definitely on the threshold of the greatest inventions.

Department of Applied Physics at UEFCancer research at UEFLab in Snellmania 

Catch box

Many people wondered why students use this catch box. First of all, to make the study process fun, and secondly, ease it. Professors throw this soft cube with embedded mic to the students, when they want to answer or ask a question during lectures with many students. Therefore, students avoid speaking in a loud voice to share their ideas, and professors do not have to come to them to hear them clearly. A simple, but very smart invention! 


Car driving simulation UEFAnother peculiar innovation we discovered: a driving simulator in the laboratories of the Biomedical Signal Analysis research group. In essence, it is a virtual car, which has authentic design and all mechanisms that a real car has. It allows the researchers to investigate physiological reactions of the driver by measuring various biosignals from the driver. It can be used, for example, in evaluation of a person’s driving ability in a safe environment. When the person starts driving, the real road conditions are simulated including all turns and stopovers. At this moment, one can for example take a simulated drive in the city center of a Finnish city called Kajaani.


Finally, we had a chance to visit a Masters students' graduation ceremony. Perfect weather, fresh flowers, bubbling drinks and cakes provided the students and their guests an exceptional experience. Now graduates can finally have a well-deserved summer holiday. The majority of the graduates had already been accepted to PhD programmes, and will continue their studies in September. Worth to mention is that the PhD studies are free of charge in Finland and the research groups and doctoral programmes have good funding, so it is a normal paid job when you start your PhD. You can find more information here.

UEF graduation ceremony


That is all for the first part of our amazing campus tour. Do not forget to read the continuation, where you can find information about University of Turku and Åbo Akademi as well as University of Tampere, including PhD opportunities and unique features of the Finnish education. 


UEF in the middle of knowhere


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