Let us continue with our campus tour organized by Finland University in May, 2018. You can find the first part of this tour here and the last one here.

Biocity in TurkuBiocity inside

Our tour in Turku started in the Biocity building, where Åbo Akademi University and UTU classes and labs are located. Our winner Williane specializes in Medical Physics, so the tour focused on the amazing opportunities our member universities offer in that field. The Biocity is a huge and modern facility, which supports and coordinates life science and molecular medicine related research, combining two campuses into one in a historical location. There we had a very interesting discussion about innovations in microscopes and their appliances. One of these groundbreaking microscopes, developed by German physicist Stefan Hell, won a Nobel Prize in 2015, for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. Mr. Hell got his first inspiration for the microscope while he was working at the University of Turku. One of those microscopes is kept at the campus where a laboratory is named after Mr. Hell.

Hell Nobel laboratory

Lab in Turku university

The next stop was the campus of University of Turku, one of the oldest Finnish universities, established in 1640, which has approximately 18 000 full-time students. Our goal was to visit the laboratories and get the insights from the researchers there. For instance, this particular lab works with chemical compounds that aim to improve how the body can absorb the medication in a physics approach.

All laboratories offer the newest and innovative equipment that students can use during the experiments. They have several different microscopes and equipment to enhance small samples with the highest quality. 

Here is a student cafeteria in University of Turku campus. There are usually several options to order: meat / fish, vegetarian or special meal if you have some restrictions. Canteens are usually open from 8 am to 4 pm, but again, it might depend on the catering provider, while students can buy lunch from 10:30 to 15:00. However, it is always possible to buy some healthy snacks and enjoy Finnish coffee during the open hours!

Student snacks in UTU

During our tour Williane was surprised that the relationship between a student and the lecturer is always very transparent: there is no strong hierarchy in Finnish education system at all. Students can come to their supervisors and ask for help, share their ideas and experience, while lecturers are usually called by their first names, avoiding any official addresses. Thereby, both sides set rather informal relationships from the beginning, which underlines the equality and respect between them. 

Speaking with Finnish lecturer

The final destination was TYY, the Student Union of the University of Turku. People there help full-time and exchange students to find accommodation, provide information about all student benefits and organize the social events to make sure they have a pleasant time besides their studies. Also, it is possible to find a part-time position there for the students; so if you are there, do not miss this chance, because it is a great opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, get international experience, broaden your network and earn some money!

Meeting with TYY


Scientific Sense of Humor

Worth to mention that scientists are not only in a constant research process, but also know how to have fun. Here are the proofs:

Break glass in the case of a major scientific breakthroughScientific jokes

If you are interested to pursue your Master's degree at these universities, you can find the available programme here:

Keep in mind, the application period is from the 8th to 22nd of January, 2020. 


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