Your grades are good, you've passed an English-language exam, and your parents are ok with you going to Finland for your Master's. But how much is it going to cost? And are there ways you can save money?

The answer is yes! There are plenty of ways for international students to save money in Finland, and even opportunities to earn.

Apply for a scholarship!

All our four member universities offer generous merit-based scholarships for students applying from outside the European Economic Area. While the scholarships vary from university to university, they typically cover 50%, 80% or even 100% of the annual cost of tuition. Some scholarships also provide funds for food, rent and other costs.

You can send in your scholarship application together with your application to study at one of our four universities. The admissions teams and faculties then evaluate the applications together, and award scholarships for the first year of studies. It's definitely worth a try! Getting a scholarship to cover at least part of your costs is easier than many people realize.

Apply for a scholarship
Enjoy student discounts everywhere!

Once you've been accepted to a Finnish university, you'll be obliged to join a student union (for an annual fee of EUR 80 to EUR 130) and will be given a valid student ID card. In Finland, that card is magic.

You'll be able to eat lunch for under EUR 4 in student cafeterias (which are all over the place in university towns). You'll be able to travel on public transport at a lower price, you'll get discounts at events and exhibitions, and you'll even have access to free medical and dental care. Student unions also organize plenty of trips and events that you'll be able to participate in.

Being a student in Finland is a good deal! The country has long traditions of making it as easy as possible for students to enjoy life without breaking the bank. 

Student discounts


Work while you study

Many of our international students want to know if they can work while in Finland, and again the answer is yes!

Students from outside the European Economic Area who have been accepted to a university in Finland and hold a valid Finnish residence permit can legally work part-time during the semester. The only restriction is that the working hours cannot exceed 25 hours per week. Many students get work through their university, or with a startup or other company in an associated business area.

That's only during the semester time though: during summer and over the Christmas holidays there are zero restrictions on working hours for foreign students. Our summers are great and our winters are full of cosy charm, so some students choose to stick around to enjoy the break from school and earn some money here too! 

Part-time work for students


Over 65 Master's degree programmes to choose from

Finland University combines the leading research power of its renown member universities: the University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University, the University of Turku, and the Åbo Akademi University. The member universities offer a wide range of Master’s Degree programmes. 

Learn more about the wide selection of programmes and find a suitable programme for you.

University of  Eastern Finland Tampere University

University of Turku Åbo Akademi University 

Finland University
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