Speaking with EXAME in São Paulo, Pekka explains how Finnish pedagogical skills are in hot demand around the world.

“Most of the courses we currently offer are related to teacher education,” he says. “As Brazil is a market of more than 200 million people – and with the tremendous educational reform currently going on – it is one of the most interesting countries for us to be in right now.”

He explains how Finland University typically works through local partnerships, such as the agreement it has with Ânima Educação – a Brazilian education group that runs five higher-education institutions with close to 100,000 students across several states. Finland University and Ânima Educação began working together on a program for a select group of 40 teachers in Belo Horizonte. Now they are looking at ways to expand their joint operations. 

“I want to emphasize that we are in the market to share with our partners and provide sustainable solutions,” says Pekka. “At some point our program will also work in Portuguese, so it can be distributed and offered to a much larger audience.”

Finland University also has programs in Argentina and Chile, and is now actively looking at Colombia too. Southeast Asia is also very much on the pedagogical map, with Finland University offering courses through a partner in Thailand that will eventually be expanded to other parts of the region.

Pekka attributes much of this demand to the excellent pedagogical research going on at Finnish universities – in particular at the University of Tampere, one of Finland University’s four member institutions.

“I believe the education sector in Finland has much to share with the world,” says Pekka. “This can also have significant economic benefits for Finland, as it will open up new opportunities and strengthen the capacity of our universities to improve their education and research.”

Read the full interview (in Portuguese only).

Finland University is the international education brand, and marketing and sales company of four leading Finnish research universities: University of Eastern Finland, University of Tampere, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. All universities are in the top 2% of global university rankings.

Finland University provides the degree programmes and professional development programmes of its member universities to individuals and institutions worldwide (universities, government ministries and agencies, foundations, companies). 

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