Finland University presented member universities’ Master’s degree programmes and scholarships in the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia, on 1.11.-6.11.2017, and at university campuses in Hanoi, Hue, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, on 7.11.-10.11.2017.

 - This was a perfect chance for Finland University to meet the students looking for English-taught programmes and scholarships abroad, says Ms. Niina Uusimäki, Head of Marketing of Finland University.

The EHEF Indonesia facilitates European higher education institutions to meet with Indonesian students who are seeking for higher education study options in Europe. There were more than 130 European institutions present at the fair.


- We had a very good reception. There was a lot of interest in Education, Economics and Business, and Social Sciences - as well as curiosity towards ICT, Language Studies, Natural Sciences, Forest Sciences, and Health and Biomedicine, just to highlight some of the study fields that rose in the discussions with the students, notes Ms. Uusimäki.

The EHEF Indonesia had 4000 to 6000 visitors per day and the days were intensive. In Yogyakarta, there was a queue of eager students to Finland University booth the whole day.

- It was great to see that the quality of Finnish education was well known and prospective students had very precise questions. Finland University’s member universities have over 65 Master’s degree programmes in English, and that was positively noticed among the students, says Ms. Uusimäki.

- Not surprisingly, in addition to the programmes, students asked about the scholarships and we had a great chance to promote the scholarship options in our member universities, and tell about the quality of life in Finland, adds Ms. Uusimäki.

- The EHEF was also a perfect place to tell about the Finland University competition to the audience. The winner gets to experience our member universities first-hand before accepting their study entitlement, notes Ms. Uusimäki. 


From Indonesia, Finland University representatives continued to Vietnam where they organised presentations in collaboration with local universities for their students in four different cities. 

- Just like Indonesia, the visit to Vietnam was a success. The discussions we had with prospective students and local partners were very fruitful, says Ms. Uusimäki.

In Vietnam, there were also talks about the future cooperation with the universities. Next year, 2018, is the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Finland and Vietnam. It is an important milestone and a great opportunity to launch new cooperation. 

- Vietnam is a rapidly developing country with a growing economic sector. Finnish higher education and the quality of it is well known, and there is wide interest in collaboration with Finland University, notes Ms. Uusimäki.

- All things considered, we had busy, informative, and great days in Indonesia and Vietnam. We hope that the students we met will become our students in the nearest future, and that the cooperation with the local partners will be successful also in the future, concludes Ms. Uusimäki.

The application period for Master’s degree programmes starting in autumn 2018 is open in the University of Eastern Finland 1.11.2017-31.1.2018 and in the universities of Turku 1.12.2017-31.1.2018, Tampere 1.12.2017-17.1.2018 and Åbo Akademi 1.12.2017-31.1.2018. See more information about the Master’s degree programmes and application process.


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Niina Uusimäki, Head of Marketing of Finland University


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