Finland University has joined forces with Anima Education to develop the training of university teachers in Brazil. As part of the collaboration a delegation led by President of Anima Education Daniel Faccini Castanho visited Finland on 30.10-4.11.2017.

Anima is one of the largest private organisations of higher education in Brazil. It has over 79 000 students at 18 campuses located in the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. The collaboration with Finland University aims to build the capacity of teachers in order to provide ever better education at the Anima’s institutions.

- Cooperation with Finland University is an important milestone for Anima. We are happy to collaborate with Finnish educational experts and hope that this is a start of a long-term partnership. We visited schools in Tampere and saw how the Finnish education system works in all educational stages. It is always different to feel and see the system than just read about it. The professors and teachers are the main engines in the system, but now I understand also the importance of the learning environment, notes Mr. Faccini Castanho.

The training cooperation launched in August 2017 started with a programme in University pedagogy taught by Finnish lecturers. The name of the programme is Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and University of Tampere is in charge of the training. The first forty teachers will graduate from the programme in March 2018.

- The programme allows teachers to transform themselves into a pedagogic community with other teachers. It creates shared experiences and supports the professional development of the participants, says Dr. Edson Florentino Jose, who is one of the teachers in the programme.

 - The programme provides us scientific knowledge and background in teaching and learning. In the future, we will share our knowledge and work as mentors for other university teachers, notes Director Ines Barreto Almeida, who is also participating in the programme.

 - The education philosophy and policy in Finland is something to admire. The education system is based on equality and it is organised to support students’ learning in many ways. This programme is a great opportunity for us to learn from the Finnish system, notes Dr. Florentino Jose.

- I am especially impressed about the Finnish way of organising teacher education in schools, and the cooperation between parents and schools. This visit to Finland has further deepened our understanding of Finnish research-based education and teacher work, adds Ms. Barreto Almeida. 

The promise of equality, in quality and accessibility, is one of the characteristics that make the Finnish education system stand out in global comparison. There is a growing fascination for Finnish education in Brazil and Anima is the forerunner in adapting Finnish teacher education solutions.

- Finland’s success story on the power of education is inspiring. History shows that education is the engine to all positive change. Brazil is reforming the education sector and Anima Education is active actor in the process. We think that Finland University is a perfect partner to collaborate in this, notes Mr. Faccini Castanho.   

- Anima Education is a very highly esteemed partner for Finland University in the rapidly growing Brazilian market. This visit is the beginning of a fruitful and long-standing collaboration with them, concludes Pekka T. Saavalainen, CEO of Finland University.


Additional information:

Pekka T. Saavalainen, CEO Finland University Oy

pekka.saavalainen@finuni.fi, tel +358 40 6850717

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