Why apply for a Master’s Degree in Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland? 

For many reasons, says Mr. Jyrki Kangas, Professor of Forest Bioeconomy at the University of Eastern Finland, UEF.

First, Forest Sciences is one of the highest ranked fields of science at UEF. It has been among the best in the world on university league tables that rank degree subjects.

Second, UEF looks to the future with research themes that deal with forests and their role in the society.

“The future is bright for this field, not only in Finland but globally. It is full of opportunities. For example we carry out research on renewable natural resources that is useful all over the world, no matter where our students hail from”, Mr. Kangas says.

The Faculty of Science and Forestry works in collaboration with international, national and local actors that play a significant role in the field. Various research and education projects are EU-funded.

“Forestry has a major financial impact on our society and UEF is top-notch in this field. We are glad to involve our students in the latest knowledge. Our research actively contributes to the field of environmental sciences”, Mr. Kangas adds.

The MSc European Forestry at UEF provides an excellent opportunity to get a high-quality education, to network with professionals and travel across Europe.

According to academic director of European Forestry, Professor Timo Tokola the location of UEF is ideal since the city of Joensuu is in middle of operational forestry activities.

“The European Forest Institute is headquartered in Joensuu so we have a direct connection to them. The Natural Resources Institute Finland and many operational forestry companies and forest machine manufacturers are also located here so it is a central place for research activities”, Dr. Tokola says.

Link between wood and the final products

Wood Materials Science is one of the branches in forest bioeconomy. At UEF is a course-based MSc programme that trains experts who really make a difference towards a sustainable future.

“Programme creates a connection between trees in forest and the wood-derived consumer products, which makes it special in Finland and globally. End products are physical things such as bio-based materials, chemicals and energy carriers derived from renewable forest resources”, says Dr. Antti Haapala, Assistant Professor of Wood Materials Science.

The field is evolving constantly. In the future, the use of wood fibres is expected to increase in many areas including pharmaceutical industries and clothing application that increase the demand of qualified professionals.

“The basis for our teaching is in contemporary research. It is continuously developed with partner universities and in collaboration with our forest-based industries”, Dr. Haapala says.


The application period for the international Master’s degree programmes of all member universities is open. The application periods are as follows: 1.11.2017-31.1.2018 for the University of Eastern Finland, 1.12.2017-31.1.2017 for both the University of Turku and the Åbo Akademi University, and 1.12.2017-17.1.2018 for the University of Tampere. Proceed by applying today!


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