Continuing with the topic of how to survive the Finnish darkness during the winter, here I present the second round of hacks provided by the ambassadors of Finland University. 
Yundan Chen
International students in UEFStay close to your friends. In winter, especially during the dark days, you feel the tendency to stay in your apartment if there is no course to attend. This is good if you can enjoy yourself and do some studies as well. However, one gets depressed more easily if you stay alone for too long. This can easily happen to anyone.
For me, the connection with friends is the best way to drag myself out of my cave. Talk with them if you feel moody. Have lunch at the university cafe where you are more likely to meet a gang of friends. Say yes to some invitation to parties, and having fun with friends. When there is no sunshine, friends are like the sun for me!
Winter activities in UEF
Do sport. There is still plenty of opportunity to do sports, even in the cold winter. The sports program offered to university students is very comprehensive, including both indoor and outdoor activities. It’s challenging to go out in the temperature of minus 20. But you can still enjoy yoga or kettlebell in the quiet winter time.
Travel. The final escape is traveling. It’s really tempting to follow the sunshine and travel to warmer places. Take the chance while you are in Europe and get away for a week or two to explore some new countries and cultures. After a refreshing holiday, you will be more energized to combat the winter and concentrate on your studies as well.

Aayush Jaiswal

Light up your house brightly. Apart from the usual lighting, let loose your imagination and try some DIY decoration on the walls, windows etc. with lights. I use Christmas lights to draw shapes and decorate items. It’s a fun hobby and also diverts you away from the darkness towards light! Christmas lights in roomLights in room
Iceskating in TurkuParticipate in winter activities and sports. Sitting in a library or in your room all day might make you gloomy. So gear up, brave the cold and enjoy winter! Ice skating, curling, sledging and winter swimming are my favourites. 
Stay warm. Never leave home without gloves, a cap and of course a jacket. Winter might make you catch flu or cold. As we all know, health is wealth, so be warm and be safe!

Li-Hsin Chang

sauna_blog_26012018Go to the sauna. When it gets cold, the sauna is definitely a great way to get some warmth, and using the sauna regularly can help you to cope with coldness and strengthen your health. 
Interesting fact: Finnish people go to the sauna not only during the winter time, but any time they want to!
Ginger bread houseDivert your attention toward something else. Frankly, I am not really bothered by the Finnish winter and darkness because I am always using a computer, and it does not really matter whether it is dark outside. Besides, I enjoy the darkness and quietness of night as much as the vibrancy of the day.
There are however times when I feel sleepy or out of energy and want to blame it on the weather, so when I find myself doing that, I take vitamin D and tell myself that it will get better! Listening to cheerful music helps too. There are a lot of bands in Finland and some of them are hopefully suitable for you. Just don't think too much about the winter and it's not a problem. 
Travel to the south for a couple of weeks. Getting some sunshine during the most depressing part of winter helps a lot too. It also reminds you what is good about Finland: the nature, the fresh air, friendly people, and the values upheld here.

Mengyu Liu

Be with your friends. Outside and inside, studying together or having fun, traveling or discovering Finland. You will never feel alone. 
Mengyu winter activities
Room decorations in TampereLight up your room with bright decorations. It not only makes your apartment look pretty, but also brings the festive spirit of the long-awaited Christmas holidays indoors.
And finally, do more exercise! Both inside or outside. I think it’s the best way to be distracted by severe weather conditions, and it also strengthens your health. Stay active and the winter melancholy will not affect you!
We hope you’ve enjoyed our hacks and can apply them wherever the winter cold gets too much for you! Don’t forget, this is a temporary condition and the warm spring will come eventually. 


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