Established in 1924, the University of Indonesia (UI) is the oldest tertiary-education institute in the country. It's also considered to be the best – ranked #1 in Indonesia by the QS World University Rankings.

As part of its staff development program, the university commissioned a short course in teacher education from pedagogical experts at the University of Eastern Finland. Senior Lecturer Aino Äikäs and Project Researcher Jenni Kankaanpää travelled to the UI campus in Depok – just outside Jakarta – to deliver the week-long course they custom designed for the group. Participants came from a range of academic backgrounds, including medicine, economics, mathematics, biology, social sciences and languages.

Qualities of Academic expertise


Active teaching, flipped classrooms

"The group wanted to learn active-teaching methods; to understand more about what we can do in the classroom besides just having teachers lecturing and students listening," says Äikäs. "So we looked intensively at the flipped-classroom model, and other techniques for blended learning and learner-focused teaching. The participants' own professional development and academic expertise was discussed and explored too."

"In a flipped classroom, students do assignments in advance and then come to class armed with that knowledge. This means they're better prepared to ask questions and engage in discussion, creating a more dynamic and inspiring learning atmosphere," says Äikäs.

Practical tasks

Äikäs and Kankaanpää prepared several advance assignments so the group could practise active-learning methods. Participants were also required to read some pedagogical-research articles from Finland. The topic of assessment for learning was explored too.

"This was a tough course with lots of new things for the teachers to take in," says Kankaanpää. "But the feedback we got from the group was really good. Many said they came away with a much broader viewpoint on what active learning is all about."


Years of co-operation in Indonesia

The course builds on earlier work between Indonesian institutions and Finland University's member universities. In 2012, the University of Tampere was commissioned to deliver a Master's degree program for teachers in Northern Sumatra, as part of efforts to re-develop the region after the 2004 tsunami.

Later, the IDKE Foundation in West Java commissioned training from Finland for early-childhood and primary-school teachers. There has also been a teacher-training agreement with Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Several groups from Indonesia have visited our partner universities in Finland too, including maternity and child carers, and paediatric doctors.

Flipped classroom


Additional information on the programme:
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