How exciting is it to finally receive that email you have been longing for, with several attachments and one of them happens to be the “letter of acceptance” stating,” We have the pleasure to inform that you have been accepted to the University of Eastern Finland”? After receiving this email, I clearly recall, asking myself how it would be like. I even had fictions of my imagination on how I was checking in at the airport (this could me my second time flying), in the university halls, in class and how I would have my first snow experience. I have to admit: this email blew my mind! As Finland holds a very strong reputation internationally for the quality of its education overall, I surely did not want to miss my chances of being part of it; I mean who does not want to part of one the best education systems in the world?

My name is Massawe Consesar Mark, I am a student in Master’s Degree Programme in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context, and a UEF Ambassador. My whole desire to study abroad pushed to apply to many universities in different parts of the world, but my biggest wish was to get a chance to study in Finland, so I decided to apply to all the universities in Finland that had programs related to my interests. After being turned down by several universities in different parts of the world, I almost lost hope until one afternoon when I finally got that exciting email of acceptance from the UEF.

As I was waiting for my flight in Tanzania, I had so many questions in mind just as most people in new places. I was not completely blank about Finland because I had read about the university, people and life there. I gave myself hope that I would eventually cope with everything and life will be just fine. I made it to Finland, a beautiful country full of life.


Majority of students measure their time at university purely by what happens within the four walls of a lecture hall laboratory or the library. My initial thoughts were that, university life is all about that degree, but my experience changed my perception about this: more that I as a student and as a person have changed. The first few months were a bit challenging, not being used to the new environment (especially the weather), new people, culture, and the education system. However, many people were ready to lend a helping hand and share their expertise with me. Culture shock and confusion was most likely to occur, but I became culturally sensitive, and generally learnt how to live in a multicultural environment through several courses offered by the university as well as self-determination to learn more about multicultural environments. I am confident that any other international student would be able to study and live here happily. At UEF cultural diversity and multiculturalism plays a crucial role in making our school life and social life enjoyable.

Why to choose UEF


Why to choose Finland and UEF

If someone would ask me why I would think UEF should be one of the top choices to international degree students, I would list these things:

  • Being here will help one unveil their weaknesses and strengths in many aspects of their student life and life off campus.
  • Coming from different systems of education, no matter what kind of system at UEF one is taught to be self-dependent and self-responsible towards your schools’ life and life out of school. After all, in the process of growing to be better adults, we all need that sense of responsibility, right? Where nobody decides for you nor pushes you to do anything but yourself.
  • Teachers, fellow students and locals are always kind and ready to help.
  • Here you can pursue your individual interests and goals, since students are given more choices to explore different subjects and find the ones that really match their interests.
  • It promotes multiculturalism and diversity.
  • This list is unending.

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