In the previous part Massawe shared with us her reasons of applying to Finland, first months of adaptation to the new country and education system, and why UEF should be one of the top choices to international degree students.

This article highlights an essential information about student union and accompanying activities, leisure and sport opportunities for students, and benefits of having the Finnish residence permit. 


Student union

The student union at the University of Eastern Finland organises events that bring together international students. For instance, they organise tours and visits to fascinating places, such as the famous Lapland located in the most Northern part of Finland. It is a great place to explore, especially during the winter.

Other activities include Erasmus cruise safaris, such as the “Pirates of the Baltic Sea”, which brings together students from all over Europe in a ferry heading to Stockholm, Sweden, where they play different games, eat together and know each other, with many other activities onboard!

Napapiiri Arctic circle



The student union membership gives discount to students’ sports activities. You get an access to the most equipped and modern gyms with very little expenses. Fitness plays an important role for one’s body and brain health as a student and as a person. They also organise activities such as skiing, and skating and they even offer the trainings for these activities. Here those who have never experienced get a chance to learn. 

Skiing in Joensuu


The student residence permit

Did you know that the Finnish residence permit for international student allows you to visit some countries without a visa? Yes, you have a chance to travel to more than 18 countries, yet stay no more than 90 days per each visit. You get a chance to widen your exposure while you study in Finland. 


To sum up, it is not just about the degree, right?

Personally, I got a chance to be a tourist and explore new places, meet people from all over the world, learn about different culture, experience new things, and step out of my comfort zone.

In addition, here are more facts in favour of selecting the University of Eastern Finland as a study place: 

  • Being here will help one unveil their weaknesses and strengths in many aspects of their student life and life off campus.
  • Coming from different systems of education, no matter what kind of system at UEF one is taught to be self-dependent and self-responsible towards your schools’ life and life out of school. After all, in the process of growing to be better adults, we all need that sense of responsibility, right? Where nobody decides for you nor pushes you to do anything but yourself.
  • Teachers, fellow students and locals are always kind and ready to help.
  • Here you can pursue your individual interests and goals, since students are given more choices to explore different subjects and find the ones that really match their interests.
  • It promotes multiculturalism and diversity.

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