I wrote this article to help you to get acquainted with Joensuu - the city where the main campus of University of Eastern Finland is located; and there is no greater way to get familiar with a city than spending time exploring it. Therefore, we will be helping you to discover the city by taking you on an ultimate tour to some of Joensuu’s most famous places (virtually, of course!). Let’s go!



Plants in Botania.jpg

Joensuu’s Botania is one of the three botanical gardens in Finland and the only one in the Northern area. Botania was founded in 1957 and is home to more than 2000 tropical species. In Botania, one can have access to some of the most exotic species in the tropical areas ranging from plants to moths and bugs. What I like most in Botania is Juuso - a very funny and adorable parrot. She is the icon of the garden as she can mimic different languages and can even dance along you. Make sure that you see her when coming to Botania.
Tip: Bring your student card with you here so that you can purchase the entrance ticket half the normal price!

Plants in Botania.jpgPlants in Botania.jpg


Flea markets

Flea market in Joensuu.jpg

What is a better way to meet local people and try authentic Finnish food than wandering around the flea markets? In Joensuu, flea markets are organized right in the city centre (on Kauppakatu aka the walking street) on a periodical basis where there will be many street talls offering all kinds of products ranging from clothes, fresh ingredients to some of the best Finnish signature dishes.

Flea market in Joensuu.jpgFlea market in Joensuu.jpg 

Utransaari (The Utra Island)

Beautiful sunset in Utran.jpg

If you are a sunset lover, you cannot miss Utransaari when in Joensuu. This island is the perfect spot for picnics as well as family and friend gatherings as it is a combination of forest and lakes. One highly recommended activity to do at Utransaari is Grill and Chill organized by ESN Joensuu for all UEF students. What would be better than interesting talks, grilled sausage and beautiful sunset? It is completely free!

Sunset in Utran.jpg


Koli National Park

Koli Park is located around 60km away from Joensuu city center, which means a one-hour bus ride. No matter what time of the year, at Koli, you can fully be immersed in the magnificent beauty of nature which cannot simply be described by mere words. There are also interesting activities you can do at Koli such as ice swimming, cross-country skiing, husky safaris, cave adventure, feeding reindeers and many more!

Slopes in Koli.jpg

Source: http://www.koli.fi/en 

That is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed today’s tour. Please stay tuned as the next tour will be on air very soon! 

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