Christina Hess, who is originally from Germany, for the first time came to Finland 3 years ago as an exchange student. Finland was her final choice, because she had not known anything about this country and was curious to spend the full academic year here. Eventually, she enjoyed her staying and decided to apply to the full-time Master's degree programme in Kuopio! 


Choice in a favor of Finland

When she received the acceptance letter from University of Eastern Finland among other international universities, the decision was not difficult. She had already studied in two other universities in Germany and Austria, and could say that she liked studying in Finland the most. The level of stress is lower, but not because the tasks are easier, but rather because you learn in a group and together rather than against everyone. Moreover, one does not stiffen here on details that appear somewhere as a footnote in the appendix. One tries more to teach complex topics and to stimulate the independent thinking. The teachers and staff members are always very supportive and friendly.

 Finnish education system


New beginning

So, she made up her mind and chose the University of Eastern Finland once again. On her first day in new apartment, she found out that her flatmate is a friend, whom she met during exchange 2 years ago, which was a very good sign. The department at university was still pretty much the same as it was before: you meet the same people on the fields and you have the same teachers. That made the start there surprisingly easy and promising!


Best things in Finland

Christina still enjoys her free time in the Finnish nature. She loves the forest, going to the Mahlatie tower and its great view, and numerous lakes especially in wintertime. She lived in Vienna before, a huge metropolis, so she was extremely happy to return to the quiet and beautiful countryside of Finland.

You can read the full version of Christina's article here.

 Finnish nature


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