My name is Jay, I am a Master's Degree student at Åbo Akademi studying Analytical Chemistry. Photography is my biggest passion, and today I would like to show you the splendor of Finnish nature through the lens of my camera. Hope you will love it!

Nature of Finland

Let's start with spring pictures. Being in the Nordics means that spring can be a little late to arrive. But as April and May approaches each year Finland too slowly starts to show signs of spring. The birds are out chirping and the snow is melting away, evenings begin to be lighter as winter's darkness passes. By the end of May everything is in full bloom and by Midsummer it's fairly light even during the night.  

Frozen hill in Finland

Finnish winter

Did you know that Finland is also affectionately referred to as the land of a thousand lakes? With over 180,000 (yes, hundred and eighty thousand) lakes, it is a well-deserved title. If that does not sound impressive enough, Finland also boasts the highest number of islands in the world as well. That’s not all either. Finland is also the most forested land in Europe with over 75 percent forest coverage. Here, 86 percent of the land area is classified as forestry land. 

Finnish landscape captured by a drone

So, what does this all mean? You’re breathing clean and fresh air no matter which part of Finland you’re in and the beauty of this amazing country is unmatched. During all four seasons, the changes in the landscape can mesmerize the avid traveler. Whether it’s covered in snowy tops, golden leaves, flowers, or lush green, it always offers something vivid and captivating.

The exquisite nature of Finland can effortlessly put the most talented painter or photographer to shame because no painter or photographer could or would do justice to the beauty of this place by simply freezing a frame in time.

Finnish nature

Traveling within Finland cannot be any easier. There are buses, trains, and even flights covering particularly every part of Finland. Recently, I took a train up to Lapland from Turku and it was a very comfortable train ride. I even managed to get some of my work done on the train. Of course, driving is also an option for those who prefer driving as the roads are well maintained throughout the year.

Finnish landscape

In between writing my thesis and spending time at the lab doing research, I haven’t been able to spend too much time with my camera. However, I hope the few pictures I show you are convincing enough and that you get to visit and experience this amazing place soon!

Northern lights in Finland

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