Thai student Chidchanoke Kasetpibal shares her thoughts on studying a Master’s in teacher education at the University of Eastern Finland.

After the completion of my Master’s studies in Finland, I decided to come back to my home country of Thailand. This is mainly because I would like to be close to my family after two years of being apart from them.

Some international students might also think it is quite challenging to find a job in Finland if you are not fluent in Finnish. Still, I have known a few non-Finnish friends who have completed their Master’s degree at UEF and have managed to find a teaching position in private schools in a big city like Helsinki.

Peaceful nature in Kuopio

Talking about the influence of my Master’s degree on my current work placement, I would say that this qualification plays a significant role in my teaching career. Unquestionably, the knowledge and experience I have gained during my studies in Finland have been very valuable to me.

I became more confident in my profession as a teacher since I have been involved in and exposed to real Finnish classrooms. Moreover, since Finnish education is widely recognized as one of the best educational systems, many schools have shown an interest in learning about how to provide good education like in Finland. 

Student life at UEF


Currently, I am working as a pre-school teacher in a British curriculum school in Thailand. It is a great opportunity for me to become a class teacher in such an international environment. In a similar way to Finnish educational philosophy, at my school the focus of the education is always on the learners, with an emphasis on play-based practices. There is a room for children’s interests and the child’s autonomy is also highlighted in everyday routines at the school.

Now that I am back in Thailand, I still remember how difficult it was to say goodbye to Finland and the city of Joensuu, the place that has already became my second home. But I know that I can go back to visit and that Finland will always have a special place in my heart!


Snowy UEF campus in Joensuu


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Chidchanoke Kasetpibal
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Chidchanoke Kasetpibal

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