I am Aayush Jaiswal from India, currently studying in a Master’s Degree programme in Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi University. I love the world of technology and the study environment in Finland provides me a playground where I can toy with ideas and work on developing them into innovative technologies: that is why I decided to apply to this programme.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my working and studying experience in Finland and I wish to make other students aware of how outstanding a place this is for obtaining higher education. Let me start with presenting my schedule as an example of a student's day! Every study plan is of course unique and there is a lot freedom to design your own curriculum with the help of the academic coordinators. 

7:00 Wake up! Do not snooze the alarm. Pro tip: A good day in the Finnish student’s life must start with a healthy breakfast.

8:00 Lecture starts. Even if the mercury hits -10°C, lectures start early in the morning. I take care to be in the classroom on time because in Finland, punctuality is considered to be a highly valued trait.

10:00 Some coffee, followed by more lectures! First year students usually have more courses but thanks to the international academic environment of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU), I interact with people from at least five different nationalities every day. This interaction makes studies so much more fun as my learning in not limited to academics, but expands to cultures, languages, food and interesting life experiences!

12:00 Lunch time! Kårkaféerna manages student restaurants at Åbo Akademi University. There are four different restaurants in the university buildings which offer a variety of food to choose from, namely Arken, Gado, Fänriken and Kåren. Apart from these, students can also eat at same price at restaurants at the University of Turku which are managed by Unica. Bon Appetite!

13:00 After lunch, I head towards my office to work on my research projects. I sit in a cozy office in the building Gadolinia, which houses laboratories of Natural Materials Technology in the Department of Chemical Engineering at ÅAU.

17:00 I wrap up my work at lab and head to the library to complete home assignments. On some leisure days, I just stay late at my office to read some poetry. On fine days, I take a stroll along the Aura river or in the city center.

18:00 I head to the swimming pool or the football field on alternate days to maintain a healthy physique. Pro tip: Have a regular exercise schedule to cope up with the Finnish weather!

20:00 I reach home, cook a meal while sipping my home-brewed beer (which I make on weekends) and listening to light music.

22:00 I plan my next day, organize my home, talk with some friends and fall asleep while still catching up with the football scores from the day! 😉


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Aayush Jaiswal

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