The carers all represent an Indonesian institution called Kirkas Tähti (Finnish for “Bright Star”), which combines education and healthcare in a framework based on practises from Finland. The choice of a Finnish name for the institution is testament to the high esteem in which the country’s childcare model is held globally.

Several experts in childcare education from the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Turku were invited to visit Kirkas Tähti last year to assess the capabilities of the institution and provide recommendations for its development. The course in Finland is a continuation of this work.

A group of 10 maternity and child carers from West Java visited Finland in April to enhance their skills in a training course at the University of Turku.

“The main aim of early childhood and pre-primary education is for children to develop the motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills they first need at school, and then later in life as members of society,” says Finland University Key Account Manager Mari Argillander.

“The starting point for this is identifying and nurturing the unique attributes of each child through active learning and integration in group activities,” she says. “This course focuses on helping the teachers to develop these abilities, as well as to plan activities for a full year curriculum.”

The course’s modules provide an overview of education in Finland; guidance on making daily, weekly, monthly and annual educare plans; and methods for assessing the competencies of children. The carers’ visit to Finland will be followed by a workshop in Jakarta in June, where the focus will be on developing socio-emotional skills in children.


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Mari ArgillanderKey Account Manager, Finland University,


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