Last Chance to Apply for Tampere University!

It's an exciting time to study in Tampere – the 3rd biggest city in Finland – and be part of the new community created at the beginning of 2019 by Tampere University and the Tampere University of...

Can I afford to study in Finland?

Your grades are good, you've passed an English-language exam, and your parents are ok with you going to Finland for your Master's. But how much is it going to cost? And are there ways you can save...

We are the Masters of Our Master’s

Finland is known as a country that puts a lot of effort into cherishing equity and equality at all levels. As a result, Finns and people of other nationalities who reside in Finland expect to have a...

Application Process and Scholarship

Within the application period there are two main questions we receive from the potential students: how the application process is organized and how to get a scholarship? This time the answers are...

Namibian teachers graduate with Master's from UEF

A group of 25 Namibian school teachers have graduated from a two-year Master's Degree Programme in Primary Education at the University of Eastern Finland.

Interview with the Namibian ambassador to Finland H.E. Bonny Haufiku

In November, a group of 25 Namibian teachers graduated from a two-year Master's Degree Programme in Primary Education at the University of Eastern Finland. We spoke to the Ambassador of Namibia about...

Finland vs UK: 5 Reasons Why Finnish Universities Win Big

When you think about university studies, you probably think partying, exam week stress, negative bank balance and late nights spent working to meet essay deadlines. However, not all university...

Top 3 reasons to apply for a Master's degree in Finland

With the 2019 application period now well underway at all our member universities, here are the top three reasons you should apply while there is still time.

Indonesian academics in early-childhood education course

A group of 20 university lecturers from around Indonesia have attended an intensive three-week course in early-childhood education and academic writing at the University of Eastern Finland.

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