In our previous blog entry, we discussed important reasons why studying in Finland makes for a truly smart choice. While these facts still hold true for international students, we also acknowledge that the quality of our member universities’ Master’s degree programmes are certainly an equally big reason to study in Finland. 

With over 65 top-tier Master’s degree programmes to choose from, it should come as little surprise that the member universities of Finland University also offer a plethora of different study areas. So the question one needs to ask is: do you have the mind of an engineer or possess exceptional skills in languages? Are you a wizard with technology, or does your heart yearn for improving our environment? With 10 expansive study areas to choose from, you are bound to find something that calls for your particular skills: our member universities are among the top 2% in the world, and with over 150 minor subjects provided they offer multiple opportunities for studying outside of your chosen degree.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the different study areas available at our member universities! To give a small glimpse of what’s on offer, we’ve included one programme for each study area as an example.

Natural sciences

The Medical Physics programme provides students with tools to apply their theoretical and practical training to various areas of medicine, including diagnostic imaging, cancer treatment, and physiological monitoring. The programme equips students with specialised skills in the field of medical technology, such as research and development, quality control and technical sales. It also provides the expertise required to pursue a specialisation as a medical physicist, and opens pathways to postgraduate studies and fellowships.

Social sciences

The Master’s Degree Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research (PEACE) provided by the University of Tampere offers a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to peace and conflict research. It facilitates the understanding of the complex nature of wars and conflicts as well as their short and long-term consequences. PEACE focuses not only on the study of conflict, but primarily on its transformation and the conditions for peaceful change.

Information and communication technology

The Information Security and Cryptography programme provided by the University of Turku issues a focus on secure network and communications systems, secure computing systems and the mathematical foundations of data security. The programme offers two different tracks of information security: Cryptography and Data Security and Networked Systems Security. The Cryptography and Data Security track educates future experts with strong and broad knowledge on mathematical aspects of cryptography and data security. The Networked Systems Security track gives its students substantial education and expertise in the networked systems security and field of technology.


The Teacher Education programme is designed for qualified teachers with a Bachelor’s degree in one of the various fields of education. It aims at integrating the most essential research in curriculum studies, educational psychology, inclusive education, and pedagogical leadership to provide tools for the development of school education. The programme leans on implementing international, up-to-date research in education and related fields. It is intended to benefit teachers from primary to higher education levels. 

Health and biomedical sciences

In the Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics programme, students will obtain extensive theoretical and practical expertise on central concepts and techniques in modern molecular biotechnology and diagnostics. They will also learn to apply the acquired knowledge in practice for the development of novel tools and methods for the detection molecular substances.

Studying_Masters_degree_in Finland

Economics and business administration

The International Business and Sales Management programme offers an in-depth understanding of the global business environment and firms' approaches to doing business and cross-border sales. By emphasizing the core themes of internationalization, business-to-business sales, and cross-cultural communication, it provides a path to becoming a valuable leader and a true sales professional.


The Chemical Engineering programme provided by the Åbo Akademi University covers many scientific and technological areas essential for human well-being, a clean environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. Studies at the department provide a broad basis for specialisation in sustainable, environmentally friendly processes and products, including waste minimization, biofuels, energy efficiency and chemicals from nature. 

Forest sciences

The Master’s degree programme in Forestry provides students with knowledge and skills which enables them to serve multinational organisations in the field of creating rational strategies and operations – particularly for territories and forests of Finland and Russia, but also worldwide.

Language studies

The Master's degree programme in English Language and Culture, taught entirely in English and directed to international applicants, provides an opportunity to study English from a variety of literary and linguistic perspectives. The objectives of the programme include in-depth understanding of the multifacetedness of contemporary English studies, increased awareness of key debates in contemporary linguistics and ability to carry out independent research.


Provided by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), the Environmental Policy and Law programme consists of the advanced study of law and policy in relation to the environment, climate change, and natural resources. Students can choose between two majors: 1) Natural Resources Governance, and 2) Environmental and Climate Change Law. The programme benefits from the research and education networks of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY), which has made UEF one of Finland’s leading places for social-scientific environmental research.


Reasons to be cheerful

So there you have just a small sample of programmes from the different study areas of our member universities! Don’t forget that on top of high-quality education, we also provide significant benefits for our students with free health care and considerable discounts on student lunches and transportation. Every incoming student is also assigned a student tutor: a fellow Finnish or international degree student who volunteers to help the international students settle to life at the university and in Finland.

And if that isn’t enough, there’s also a wide variety of fun student events and free access to a comprehensive student library. So what are you waiting for? Start applying now!


Learn more about studying in Finland

If you are interested in studying in Finland and would like to find out more, there's good news: the downloadable Finland University guide provides a quick starting package of how to apply for international master’s degree programmes and scholarships in the member universities of Finland University.

Interested? Download the guide and learn more!

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