This blog is written by one of member university's alumni, Ali Mohammadi, who recently graduated from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and wants to share his story. 

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My graduation ceremony happened in May; unbelievable how fast these two years have passed. By calling my name as one of the graduate students, it reminded me two years ago, when our coordinators called my name in the introduction meeting.

When my professor Rami Korhonen came to announce the best student of the master programme, I thought about his powerful character and support during the last two years.

He said: “We had simple criteria for selecting the best student: significant academic performance and Master thesis”. Luckily, I was one of these selected students! He said: “Ali, I feel proud for being the best student among our great students.”

Thinking about passed courses and grades provides me pleasant reflections: these feelings after acquiring knowledge with many demonstrations in hospital and laboratories, many group works and projects. Indeed, you can be proud of yourself after each course.

UEF students study in KYS

Prior to coming to Finland, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Isfahan University of Technology and then decided to study abroad: meeting new people with different culture and working in a well-known place.

I have chosen the University of Eastern Finland due to its comprehensive curriculum and opportunity to be a part of the Biophysics of Bone and Cartilage (BBC) research group.

Somatom sensation and student practice

When I am thinking about my research projects and thesis, it reminds me of the dream. My dream. I had a dream to be part of a prestigious research group, and I contributed a lot to make this dream to come true.

Working with distinguished professors changed my attitude towards the research. They taught me how to start, continue and finish a project successfully from scratch. They trusted me from the beginning, and I wanted to show them I was the right person to be in that group.

I took part in every weekly meeting and became a part of the team step by step. It is such an honour when you are in a research group while you are still studying the compulsory courses. Thereafter working with other PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers taught me how to communicate and work in a research group.

Ali Mohammadi on conferenceMy Master’s thesis was a continuation of my advanced lab work. Indeed, I believe it is impossible to work with Professor Petro Julkunen and does not enjoy working. I had many experiences at that moment, and when I discussed with Petro, I thought it would be a great collaboration. He helped me a lot during my Master’s thesis, and finally, we were ahead of our initial plan.

Mohammad Hossein, Sandra, Sheikh, Ali al Gburi, Ananta, Tulashi, Mian shah and Noora-Mari, thank you for all your help during last two years, I am proud of myself to have friends like you! Thank you Siru, you were more than just the coordinator for me. Thanks for your appreciable support!

I had a dream to be a researcher in the best research groups. Now, I am pursuing my dreams and thinking about the next step: my PhD. I will work under the supervision of Rami, Juha Töyräs, Mika Mononen and Petri Tanska in excellent research.

The study is a combination of Finite Element Modeling, micro-CT and Contrast Enhanced CT Scan. The outcome of my thesis will be accomplished with great collaborators in the USA and Netherlands. No doubt, I am going to face severe challenges in the future, but I am not afraid until I have my great supporters and friends!

Ali Mohammadi


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