Who better to tell you about the quality of our member universities than our international students themselves? This week we bring you a collection of stories from students around the world who made the decision to come and study in Finland.

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Our first featured story is by Justine Kenzler from Germany. She came to Tampere University – in Finland's second-largest city – to study a Master's Degree in Global and Transnational Sociology. Justine says if she'd known in advance about the variety of academic programmes on offer in Finland she may have come here earlier!

Read Justine's story.


Mikhail Milovanov from Russia is studying a Master's Degree in International Business and Sales Management at the University of Eastern Finland. The things he likes about studying in Finland are that everyone speaks English, students often work in teams on real life projects, and student organizations provide great support. Mikhail also says he was teamed up with "the best tutor ever". 

Read Mikhail's story.

Jayaruwan Gunathilake 

After studying in three different countries, Jayaruwan Gunathilake from Sri Lanka moved to Finland to do his Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry at Åbo Akademi University. He says the last year was probably the most intensive one of his academic career. But with the support he received in Finland from his supervisors and peers, it was a very enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Read Jayaruwan's story. 

Student story - Bolarinwa Akindaini

Bolarinwa Akindaini came to Finland from Nigeria to study Computational Big Data Analytics at the Tampere University. He says the university excels in terms of both the content and teaching of its big data programmes, equally combining both computational aspects and statistics. He also mentions the excellent university facilities, which provide access to all the books and materials students need.

Read Bolarinwa's story.



Chidchanoke Kasetpibal from Thailand moved to the city of Joensuu to study Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at the University of Eastern Finland. She appreciates the research-based nature of her programme, and the fact that open discussion and feedback are always encouraged. Chidchanoke's studies have a strong practical component too, with exposure to real Finnish school environments and the opportunity to interact with pupils and teachers.

Read Chidchanoke's story.


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