My name is Aitor Barbero. I come from the Basque Country, located in the north of Spain. Basque is a region that – according to some people – shares a few similarities with Finland. I’m currently a second-year student in the international Master’s degree programme of Wood Materials Science at the University of Eastern Finland.

What is your experience of UEF?

I can only say good things about UEF. When I decided to come to this university, I naturally knew which country I was coming to. But I didn’t know the city or the university, so I didn’t really know what the experience would be like. After more than one year, I can simply say that it has been the best choice I could have made. I’ve learned a lot about wood materials and other topics that I’m interested in. I’m also improving in many skills: for example, my generic skills and scientific writing. In addition, the studying environment and the student-teacher relations are really good here.

How will studying at UEF benefit you in the future?

Firstly, I will get an international Master’s degree, which will open many doors for me. What I would really like to do is to go for a PhD, and thanks to the Master’s programme and my English skills, which have improved a lot since studying here, I think that it will be much easier. In addition, studying in an international environment with people from all around the world will help me to adapt to any country I have to go for studying or working.

Would you recommend UEF to others?

Absolutely. In fact, I have already done so. I think that studying in this university is great, and for others like me, coming from other countries, it’s an experience that one will never forget. A good international studying environment combined with a nice place to live in makes UEF a wonderful university to study in. I personally feel that coming here is one of the best choices anyone can make.

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