From Nigeria to studying in Finland

Bolarinwa Akindaini studies Computational Big Data Analytics in the School of Information Sciences (from 1 January 2017 Faculty of Natural Sciences). Originally he is from Nigeria, where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics, and Master’s in Business Administration.

The Big Data programme at UTA includes both statistics and computational side, so it is more diverse than most degree programmes of big data. Studies include both theory and practical exercises. Because the programme is still quite new, cooperation with companies is still in the making.

Studying in a harmony of equality and respect

“The student-teacher relationship in Finland is very free”, Bolarinwa says. “You can talk to them without feeling scared. They are ready to listen if you want to talk. They acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to developing both aspects.“

Calling professors by their first name is also something totally different from what Bolarinwa had previously accustomed to. In Nigeria and many other cultures titles are held in high regard. However, being on first-name basis doesn’t mean students do not respect teachers in Finland. On the contrary: students appreciate the approachable equality between them and the teachers.

“Teachers focus on the knowledge that students get, not on their grades. They care about what you gain from the course, which is fantastic,” Bolarinwa says.

Mastering Big Data

Before he came to Finland, Bolarinwa worked in finance for several years. He gives some examples of how big data affects everyone’s lives: the number of tweets or Facebook comments per second is huge. “The applicability of big data is very wide!”

“University of Tampere is the best in terms of content and teaching, when it comes to big data programmes. It combines both computational side and statistics equally. The facilities are great too: we have access to all the books and materials we need.”

Bolarinwa has also taken some courses from the School of Medicine, in Bioinformatics and a UTA Summer School course unit called ICT for Development. “By using ICT, you can solve so many problems in the world,” Bolarinwa concludes.

Learn more about studying in Finland

Just like with Bolarinwa’s story, Finland University serves as a gateway to one of the finest Finnish multidisciplinary Universities on offer. Its member universities are all among the top 2% universities globally, with a unique learning environment designed to get the best out of every student. If you are interested in studying in Finland and would like to find out more, there's good news: the downloadable Finland University guide provides a quick starting package of how to apply for international master’s degree programmes and scholarships in the member universities of Finland University.

Interested? Download the guide and learn more!

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