Mariia, who originally comes from Ukraine, had dreamt about coming to Finland since she was a child, as she had heard stories about the country and its culture from her Finnish relatives. This dream finally realized when she was accepted to the IBS programme in 2015. 

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Finding information and moving in

The application process was fairly straight-forward for Mariia, as she found all the vital information online on the websites of the UEF and the Embassy of Finland.

She was concerned that she was not suitable or good enough for the programme, because the level is high. However, with her previous qualifications from Ukraine, the doors of the UEF opened and Mariia started preparing the move to Finland.

On her first week in Finland, Mariia was happy to meet her Finnish relatives who hosted her before she moved to Kuopio to her student flat.

Theory and practice well-balanced

Mariia thinks the level of studies has been as high as she expected. As one of the most interesting courses Mariia mentions Global Brand Management.

"The course was intense and consisted of a big chunk of theory, but it also featured very interesting individual and group exercises. As a team, we created a cloth brand that we adapted to Spanish markets. Even though it was a virtual, made-up example, it was fun to work with and we learned a lot."

Another favourite of hers was International Sales Camp, where the students got experience of a real sales process in a real company. The team analysed potential international markets for the health products of a local company and after that they actually contacted the leads.

Easy living

While studying in Kuopio, in the middle of Finland and a bit further away from the big metropoles, might not be the option for the everybody, for Mariia it has been a really good choice. Especially the nature is something that she likes about Finland.

Also the short distances between the university, the city center and student housing and the cost of living are positive things that come with life in a smaller city.

However, according to Mariia, there are more than plenty of options for recreational activities for someone who is looking for action.

Future aspirations

While Mariia is still considering different options for employment after graduation, she knows for sure that she would like to stay in Finland, working at an internationally-oriented company.

Her previous education in Ukraine was more connected to finance and economics, whereas the current programme prepares her for many kinds of international business and sales duties, so the options are undoubtedly numerous. You can read the full version of her interview here.


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