It was through a friend who already studied at the University of Eastern Finland that Mikhail Milovanov first heard about the Master's Degree Programme in International Business and Sales Management (IBS) and the university itself. Mikhail, who originally comes from Russia, had earned his Bachelor's degree from the UK and the IBS programme seemed like an interesting option to further his qualifications.

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Application concerns dispelled

Now Mikhail is on his second year of studies and life in Kuopio has found its way. When he looks back to the application stage, he recalls he found the essential pieces of information online without a problem and the application process was fairly simple, but - what is more than natural - he also had some concerns.

However, after starting the studies, these concerns turned out to be irrelevant. It turned out that everyone in Finland speaks good English, and lecturers always make sure that you understand terminology used in classes.  


Settling in with the help of the "best tutor ever"

Neither did the practical arrangements at the beginning of studies cause too much trouble for Mikhail, since besides getting help from the Student Services and department staff members, he was appointed the "best student tutor ever".

Mikhail would also like to give special thanks to the international student's organisation ESN Kisa and the business student's association Preemio Ry for arranging a lot of activities, making it easy for a foreigner to settle in, feel welcome and become a part of the local student community.

Working in teams on enticing projects

Like many other IBS students, Mikhail mentions that the most engaging part of studies is working together with companies on real-life projects. He could give several examples of memorable projects and pitching sessions but the first one to come to mind is one that was successfully applied by the company.

Working in teams is something that the IBS students definitely get used to, and the social aspect of the international group is something that Mikhail values.


Future employment

Although Mikhail has been studying Finnish language alongside business, he thinks most likely his future job will be in a multinational company with English as the company's internal language. All in all, he thinks the IBS programme opens doors to many kinds of job opportunities. You can read the full version of his interview here.


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