Six months of studying in current programme convinced Tiia that she is definitely on the right track.


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A blend of theory and practice

For Tiia, the main reason behind the decision to apply was that the IBS programme is one-of-a-kind as it combines the themes of internationalisation, business-to-business sales and cross-cultural communication with a very practical approach.

Of course, on university level the latest theoretical findings play a significant role in the content of the studies. "Learning the certain terminology, research methods and preparing for the Master's thesis are naturally a part of the curriculum, and it's good that they are included in the programme from day one".

Learning together

Tiia gives credit to the lecturers of the IBS programme for combining business theory with their own background in their teaching. She points out that in the end, every day in the IBS programme is about learning cross-cultural communication, since the group of students is international.

However, student life is not all about lectures. Students have many activities in their free time: dinners, movie nights, parties.

New incentives to broaden experience 

When Tiia started in the programme, she had graduated from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor's degree in International Business and an idea to work in the field of digital marketing. However, now after the first IBS courses that idea has evolved a lot.

She believes the programme offers the students the required tools to navigate in the turbulent, modern-day working life. Learning methods are innovative and modern, while support students to develop the proactive approach.


Finding the perfect job

Tiia is definitely happy with her choice of a Master's degree programme. After graduation, she would like to work in an international company, but she has not defined yet whether it will be in Finland or abroad. She added, that teachers always support their students and make them believe that they will find a perfect job after graduation.

Further information

Tiia works as the student ambassador of the Master's Degree Programme in International Business and Sales Management, so she can be contacted on social media for advice and support. You can read the full version of her interview here.


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