My name is Tawfiqur Rahman, I am first year Master's student at the University of Eastern Finland from Bangladesh. Currently, I am studying the programme called Biology of Environmental Change in Joensuu.


Why did I chose Finland 

Applying to the UEF was the best choice for me because my goal was to admit in a high-quality research-oriented University abroad. Eventually, I was admitted there and got full tuition fee coverage and monthly allowance for surviving which help to entirely focus on studies.

The host country was a crucial criterion, when I was considering the study options: education system, cleanest air, safety, and social equality affected to choose Finland. My parents and relatives were also so glad to know that I would go to Finland, because they watched documentaries about this country related to education system, research, and weather condition.  Tawfiqur Rahman UEF


Further steps after being accepted

When I got the acceptance letter from the UEF, I started to plan my next actions: collecting the documents and applying for a resident permit. As there is no Finnish Embassy in Bangladesh I had to go Finnish Embassy in New Delhi, India, for fingerprinting and other practicalities. I must travel there twice; one time for identification and second time for collecting my resident permit card. This process usually takes from one to several months, so I would recommend to apply as soon as you got the acceptance letter.

Field survey in Kurkilahti


Why Finland is the worth choice 

Now, it’s been five months in Joensuu and realizing it was right decision to come Finland, because the university gives the students 24/7 studying opportunity. There are different modes of study like normal and online lectures, electronic exam, assignments, student learning dairy, poster presentation, and seminars, which help to achieve the unique experience. There is an opportunity to intern in relevant background as practical trainee, so that students can obtain professional experience as well. Most vital thing is that the availability to doing PhD research on biology or environment. Eventually, I am satisfied about the program and study and feel proud to be a part of UEF!

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Patvinsuo National park 


Learn more about studying in Finland 

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