It is More than Just a Degree: Part 1

How exciting is it to finally receive that email you have been longing for, with several attachments and one of them happens to be the “letter of acceptance” stating,” We have the pleasure to inform...

Studying Finnish from an International Student's Perspective

My name is Kristaps Kovalonoks and I am from Riga, Latvia. I am currently a first-year student of the International Master’s Degree Programme (MDP) in Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languages at...

Why Do We Enjoy Studying in Tampere?

This time we would like to present you two students' stories, who came from abroad to continue their studies in the 3rd biggest Finnish city. 

The Story of How I came to UTU

My name is Milla and here is my life in a nutshell: I was born in Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi, Finland, and at the age of seven we moved to Lincoln, NE to follow our American step-dad and my life away from...

Finding a Job Outside the Research World as a PhD

Krista has worked closely with the industry in TOHTOS project, which aimed to develop the working life relevance of doctoral training. After getting her own PhD, she went to project management and...

The Education System in Finnish Universities

My name is Kamila Lepková and I am from Czech republic. Currently I study Master's degree in Medical Physics at the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio campus. I would like to describe the...

We are the Masters of Our Master’s

Finland is known as a country that puts a lot of effort into cherishing equity and equality at all levels. As a result, Finns and people of other nationalities who reside in Finland expect to have a...

Indonesian academics in early-childhood education course

A group of 20 university lecturers from around Indonesia have attended an intensive three-week course in early-childhood education and academic writing at the University of Eastern Finland.

5 Small Big Things I Love About Finnish Schools

I would like to continue to tell about my experince of being a teacher student in Finland, and today I am proud to present you the 5 small, but in fact big things, I love most about Finnish schools.  

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