Application Process and Scholarship

Within the application period there are two main questions we receive from the potential students: how the application process is organized and how to get a scholarship? This time the answers are...

Finland vs UK: 5 Reasons Why Finnish Universities Win Big

When you think about university studies, you probably think partying, exam week stress, negative bank balance and late nights spent working to meet essay deadlines. However, not all university...

Top 3 reasons to apply for a Master's degree in Finland

With the 2019 application period now well underway at all our member universities, here are the top three reasons you should apply while there is still time.

Internship in Finland

An internship is usually an obligatory part of the student syllabus in Finland. The idea is to find an organization where students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and get academic...

Stories from Students

Who better to tell you about the quality of our member universities than our international students themselves? This week we bring you a collection of stories from students around the world who made...

Parents' Story: Li-Hsin Chang

The choice to study a Master's Degree programme abroad is not the easiest one for a student. But it might be even more difficult for their parents! 

My Experience of Studying in Finland

After studying in three different countries, our ambassador Jayaruwan Gunathilake moved to Finland to do his Master's degree at Åbo Akademi University. In this article he shares his observations on...

Reflection on My Master's Studies in Finland

This blog is written by one of member university's alumni, Ali Mohammadi, who recently graduated from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and wants to share his story. 

How to Finance Your Studies

Today we are going to talk about how to finance your staying in Finland while studying. 

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