Vietnam Officials Study Public Administration at Tampere University

"Self-critical and critical thinking are matters of mind-set and culture that cannot be changed overnight in Vietnam," says Tran Thi Thu Huong, Assistant Minister cum Vice President of Vietnam...

Thai University Teachers Study Learning Assessment

"All over the world, teachers use pen and paper tests as the primary means of assessing students – but it's not enough," says Päivi Atjonen, Professor of Education at the University of Eastern...

Big Plans for Education in Brazil

"If you want to make an impact on teacher education in Brazil, then the private education sector is the place to start," says Jarkko Wickström, Finland University's Director of Operations for Brazil....

Namibian teachers graduate with Master's from UEF

A group of 25 Namibian school teachers have graduated from a two-year Master's Degree Programme in Primary Education at the University of Eastern Finland.

Interview with the Namibian ambassador to Finland H.E. Bonny Haufiku

In November, a group of 25 Namibian teachers graduated from a two-year Master's Degree Programme in Primary Education at the University of Eastern Finland. We spoke to the Ambassador of Namibia about...

Indonesian academics in early-childhood education course

A group of 20 university lecturers from around Indonesia have attended an intensive three-week course in early-childhood education and academic writing at the University of Eastern Finland.

Argentina school principals in Master’s degree programme with input from Finland

The Ministry of Education in Argentina’s Santa Fé province has reported positive results from a Master’s degree programme for 60 school principals that the University of Tampere is contributing...

Bullying at schools worries globally

Bullying at schools is a global issue and main worry for parents. The Finnish KiVa antibullying program tackles bullying as a group phenomenon.

Vietnam Delegation Studies Water Management in Finland

With some of the cleanest drinking water on the planet, Finland has much to offer the world when it comes to managing water resources. The University of Eastern Finland is at the forefront of...

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