Six teachers from Georgia visited the Turun normaalikoulu school and the Turku International School during August and September to learn more about Finnish education. On 16th of September, 2019, the Finnish International School opened in the city of Saguramo.

First, they participated in the lessons at the Turun normaalikoulu school, and then transferred to the Turku International School. The two-week training period included various activities from crocheting to coding and organising PE classes.

Georgian teachers noted that Finnish education is about endless discussion, feedback, and openness to innovations, and how independent the pupils’ behaviour was.

The practices learned in Turku will be implemented in education in Georgia right away. At first, the classes 1–3 are started to be taught in the new international school, and the future goal is to extend the teaching to cover the entire comprehensive school.


Georgian experts in UTU

Photo credits: Mari Ratia


Project Proceeded from Planning to Training and Mentoring

Directed to Georgia, the project developed by the Polar Partners company includes several Finnish transnational education operators, and several experts from the University of Turku. Tuire Suvitie and Adele Harju, who work at the Turku International School have drafted a curriculum for the new school based on the Finnish national core curriculum and trained Georgian teachers in Turku. In addition, they visited Tbilisi twice to train teachers, and this project included teachers’ online training and mentoring.

The University of Turku actively participates in the development of Finnish transnational education. Suvitie believes that the University of Turku and the Finnish education system have a lot to offer internationally, for instance, multiculturalism and language-sensitive teaching as well as the autonomy of teachers in teaching. According to Suvitie, the pupils in Finland are being prepared for their futures.

The full interview can be found here


Additional information on the programme:
Anna Alasuutari, Key Account Manager, Finland University, anna.alasuutari@finuni.fi


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