This time we would like to present you two students' stories, who came from abroad to continue their studies in the 3rd biggest Finnish city. 

Student Ambassador Mónica Sánchez Torres comes from Spain. She has been living in Tampere since 2016. 

Mónica Sánchez Torres Tampere University

Mónica wanted to go to a big city where she could enjoy a multicultural atmosphere; that is why she chose Tampere, where she currently pursues her PhD. Tampere never ceases to surprise her, because it is a very vibrant city, the centre is full of people no matter the hour and every neighbourhood has also its own personality. One of her favourite things to do is watching the sunset over the lake Näsijärvi and go skating on it during the winter when its frozen. She also loves to go to the old market hall for a cup of coffee and pulla or eating lunch whenever she can. It’s so unique and cozy!

Shopping in Finland

She loves art, which results in going to museums, while in the autumn time she picks mushrooms: forests are so close to cities that it literally takes you 15 minutes to reach one and find them.

Mónica would definitely recommend new students to come to Tampere, because city has lots of perks and the nature is all around, and citizens tend to give you physical and mental space to be yourself. You can read the full version of her interview here

Student Ambassador Kelly Keodara comes from United States. She has been living in Tampere since 2017. When she was searching for a Master degree, she knew that she wanted to enroll in a program with both media and education combined. Eventually, she found that in Tampere and it gave her a good reason to live in a country that has one of the best education systems of the world!
Kelly Keodara Tampere University

Kelly believes that Finnish people are so polite, honest and helpful. The nature is breathtaking, pure and untouched, and the environment is safe, clean and full of opportunities in Tampere.

She spends her time reading, playing piano, dancing and singing karaoke. Also she is a member at many student associations, where she has various opportunities to experience her favorite activities in a Finnish environment.

Summer in Finland

In Kelly's opinion, Tampere is such a lively city with many opportunities to thrive academically, professionally and personally. She highly recommends living here!

The full interview can be found here


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