Around four months ago I moved to Tampere, Finland’s second largest city, to study the Master’s programme in Global and Transnational Sociology. Even though I already hold a one-year Master’s Degree in Applied Ethics, I did not really feel like my educational path could possibly be over already. I really enjoyed the courses and topics of my previous programme, but was rather disappointed with how little you actually learn within a year, and the lack of opportunities to personalise my studies by selecting courses to set a personal focus. So, I decided to start all over again in a new country with a new degree programme.

Finland was my first choice and I applied to several different programmes that I would have all liked equally. Had I known about all these programmes a year before, I might even have skipped the one-year degree in Applied Ethics!

Here is why I was so happy with the Master’s degree programmes in Finland:


1. International programmes 

This one is probably rather obvious, but I still think it is worth mentioning. Finland offers a variety of international Master’s degree programmes which you can find here. This means programmes are offered fully in English and are set up within an international framework.


2. Interdisciplinary approaches

All the Master’s programmes that I applied for are very interdisciplinary, combining a variety of different fields and topics. I can never quite settle with an option (which is why I have studied psychology, ethics, and now sociology) and Finnish universities offer many programmes that provide a way to combine several fields and areas of interest. In my opinion, life itself is entirely interdisciplinary, and so education should be too. Finland clearly got this one right!


3. Academic freedom

Here we come to my favourite part, and one of the biggest reasons I chose Finland over other potential places: this great thing called academic freedom. This means that to a large extent you can select courses completely tailored to your own interests! You can almost construct your own personal degree. Of course, there are some mandatory courses that are part of your specific programme, but on top of these you can literally study whatever you want. For me this means courses in peace and conflict research, literature, and sustainable business. Let’s see where it takes me next year, but this feature truly makes studying fun and diversified. 


4. Finland

Last but not least, Finland itself was of course a reason too. Or let’s say that in my case more specifically Tampere. I had visited Tampere before and really liked the city. My first impression was that it has a good size, with cosy cafés and a nice atmosphere. Having lived in a small Swedish city previously, I really wanted to move somewhere a bit bigger, with more things to do (also on cold and dark days), and someplace I could feel more at home. So far, I think I have found all these in Tampere.

I could surely tell you more about Tampere, my programme, and student life here, but for now I hope you got a first little glimpse into why it is worth studying in Finland.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to showing you more of our student life here in the north!

Stay tuned - Justine


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